Before choosing the caterer or venue that you will be using for your wedding look through the following great tips and sample questions that you can use in making sure that the choice that you make for your wedding is the right choice.


Name of Venue / Caterers




Are they a full time caterer?


How many weddings have they done in the past?


Can they provide you with references?


How long have they been in the catering business? How many weddings have they done?


Do they have all the necessary licenses and health permits?


Are they properly insured?


Do they provide tasting consultations?


Is there a fee to their food tasting?


Will they need you to hire any equipment for them: marquee, tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery etc or do they provide their own? What is the cost differences for this service?


What time will they arrive to set up for the reception?


Will they provide their own staff? What will be the staff / guest ratio?


What will the staff dress code be?


Is there an extra charge for the staff?


Do they have a set menu or will they customize to the theme or style of your wedding?


Will they provide special menus for allergies, vegetarian’s etc?


What type of meal will they provide? Self-service, buffet etc.


Do they provide the wedding cake?


Are the cocktail drinks included in the price at the initial start of the reception?


Is the toasting drink price included in the final cost?


When is the final headcount number due?


Are there special prices for children?


Is a deposit required? How much of a deposit will be required? When will it be due?


When will the final payments be due?


Is set up and clean-up costs included in the total cost?


Do they provide a written contract or guarantee?


What are the refunds / cancellations terms?


What is the leftover policy?


Are the caterers available for the date of your proposed wedding?


Name of Venue / Caterers




Will the caterer fit into the budget that you have set aside for the wedding?


Package 1: Details of the menu


Cost of package 1


Package 2: Details of the menu



Cost of package 2

Package 3: Details of menu



Cost of package 3




Before signing a contract with the caterers / venue banquet manager ensure the following:

  • Read all the fine print including their cancellation policy / price per person / service charges etc.
  • The date, time, location of the event and the hours of the service provided by the caterer is included in the contract
  • The date that a final headcount is required is included in the contract
  • A list of the services provided has been included in the contract (style of serving / menu / wedding cake service etc.)

When you have chosen which florist you will be going to use, you can list their details on the below table:

Company name:
Contact person: