Before choosing the florist that will be doing your wedding, it is important that all the questions that you may have concerning their ability and your wedding day be answered. Choose three florists that you are considering using and ask them the following questions to ensure that you will be choosing the right florist for your wedding day

Name of florist




Will you personally be the florist for the wedding? If you are not personally going to do the flowers, can I meet with the person who will be responsible for my flowers?


What experience do you have in doing wedding flowers? Can you show us your portfolio?


How recent is the work that is in your portfolio?


How many weddings have you serviced?


Do you have any references for us that we could phone?


How many weddings do you do in one day?


Why are your arrangements different or more special than other florists are?


What type of designs do you specialize in?


What type of flowers would you suggest for my wedding given the colours, location and time of year?


Is it possible to change or add items at the last minute? When is the final day that you will need all the details by?


How many days ahead do you complete the floral arrangements?


Do you provide any other services e.g. ribbons, favours, linen etc?


What time will you arrive for setup with the floral arrangements on the day of the wedding?


Can you setup and disassemble within the given time that the church/ rental facility has given you?


Do you provide a written contract and guarantee


What is the cost for the flowers that I desire to order?


Is a deposit required? How much will the deposit be?


When will the deposit be due?


When is the final payment due?


Can partial payments be made up to the wedding day?


What are the refunds / cancellation terms?


How do I book your services?


Name of florist




Package 1: Details of the flowers



Cost of package 1


Package 2: Details of flowers



Cost of package 2

Package 3: Details of flowers



Cost of package 3




When you have chosen which florist you will be going to use, you can list their details on the below table:

Company name:
Contact person: